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After spending more than three decades in the sphere, we are working in the direction to become one of the prominent machining and fabrication provider. We want to become a natural choice for businesses and organizations who seek for quality, efficiency and precision. It is a tedious goal to achieve but Advanced Automotive Group is known for pouring valiant efforts. We serve customers from a wide array of industries with sheer determination. If you are seeking dependable solution and custom manufacturing for machined parts, fabrication and assembly then we are a good option. You can count and rely on us.

Our team is a leader in the field as we possess extensive capabilities. We know the precise requirement and parameters of the customers. The long and ever growing list of return customers is a certificate of superior performance. We are proud to be counted amongst cnc machine shops Macomb. We are always present to help whether the task involves repairing small precision part to large machine assembly weighing over thousands of pounds. If you are seeking expert cnc machine shops MI then Advanced Automotive Group can prove helpful.

For more than three decades, we have pursued manufacturing perfection with necessary elements of quality, reasonable price, precise service and timely delivery. It is the perfect winning combination that has enabled us to attain certification of a prime contractor. This is an honor for Advanced Automotive Group to be counted amongst trusted supplier in many other industries. After creating quality space in cnc machining services, we are striving to attain the cutting edge of the market.  Advanced Automotive Group has invested heavily on technology. Hence, we are capable of meeting all requirements of project. Over the period of time that is almost three decades, Advanced Automotive Group has emerged as a leading cnc machining companies in Michigan, a one stop shop for the customers, determined to provide unparalleled satisfaction. The category of clients, size of order and nature of industry is not a matter of concern for us. We treat everyone equally.

We have an army of experts for providing optimal professional machining. Our in-house team is capable of fulfilling the exact specifications and requirement of customers. Perfection comes with hard work and profound knowledge. Our mechanics are highly trained, experienced, experts and acquainted with latest information from the field of technology. The backing of substantial experience certainly brings proficiency and depth which is visible in quality of our results.  Advanced Automotive Group has the required skill set to produce the top-notch results.

We work closely with the client and determine their exact specifications beforehand. Our result oriented team leaves no stone unturned to keep the project on time without crossing the budget. Thanks to its penchant of using quality equipment, Advanced Automotive Group has maintained an outstanding record for innovation, quality, processing and production. If you are seeking cnc machining near me facility that can heartily take up professional challenges then feel free to contact us. Our friendly and well-informed staff is quick to address customer queries.


We have the experience and capabilities to fulfill all of your 3 & 5 AXIS Machining needs.

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