At ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE GROUP we offer a wide range of experience ranging from 3 & 5-Axis CNC machining from supplied cad models or we can work to scan data for reverse engineered parts or details.

AAG designs and builds Progressive Dies, Secondary Machines, Prototype Hot Stamp Tooling and checking Fixtures.

Below is a list of our capabilities:

  • 3 & 5-Axis CNC machining from soft and hard milling from new cad data or engineering changes.
  • Military- Machining of Parts, Fabrication and machine.
  • Machining of mold cores, cavities, inserts and slides (P20 or Aluminum)
  • Low volume Production machining.
  • Design and Build of small/medium progressive dies. (Simulations available if required using DYNAFORM)
  • Design/Build 3MM clear productions attribute fixtures with 3rd party certification.
  • Design and Build of Secondary Machines and Assembly fixtures with vison systems and overhead lighting.
  • Scanning to reverse engineer any detail or component.
  • Software- UG, VISI and WorkNC.

We have the experience and capabilities to fulfill all of your 3 & 5 AXIS Machining needs.

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