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Advanced Auto Group – One of The Best CNC Machining Companies in Michigan MI

Advanced Automotive Group is fully acquainted with the demands of its valuable customers. We strive to fulfill customer expectations by utilizing cutting edge CNC machinery and state-of-the-art technology. Our competent staff is fully aware about the norms of the industry. The extensive experience and profound knowledge of serving diverse industries is our greatest earning.

If you are seeking 5 axis machining Michigan, then you are at the perfect spot. We have invested heavily to develop high -precision CNC machining capabilities. We have integrated latest CAD/CAM design software in our process to meet the exact specifications as desired by the customer. We are a well-known 5 axis machine shops Michigan. Advanced Automotive Group provides efficient, affordable services without compromising on the front of quality. Over the years, we have crafted image of an outstanding supplier and stamping services, with the support of customer centric support services. Delivering expected results without making any delay is our major specialty.

Advanced Automotive Group is devotedly serving industry from many years. We are continuously on the path of development and modification. Our team is continuously developing themselves both in terms of technology and tactics to meet ever changing industry needs. By constantly developing solutions and alternatives, we are enabling customers to survive in the competitive markets. If required, we can even meet your short run production needs. Although, size of order does not matter to us, yet we always pursue the principle of commitment. Advanced Automotive Group 5-axis machine shop MI is aware about the definition of extreme engineering. It is very common to encounter problems in areas of design and manufacturing prior hitting the various production stages. We help our beloved customers to save valuable time, effort and money by solving their critical problems by ensuring seamless transition. Our manufacturing expertise plays pivotal role in solving engineering challenges while being cost effective at the same time. Swinging between cost and quality, Advanced Automotive Group tries to measure the needs of customers and delivers them with optimal solutions. By involving the latest technology, we aim to deliver job swiftly and efficiently.

5 axis programming is one of our specialties. Very few 5-axis machining companies Michigan possess proficiency of our level. We know that 5 axis machining must be done in a single set up to save valuable time and this is done by us. In addition it significantly reduces operator error. Five axis machining demands high precision, but offers substantial saving of time in the process of drilling hole. By using outstanding, unique type of machines, we give finishing to the result. Our final aim is doing the task in right manner without crossing the deadline. As our entire campaign is almost handled in automatic mode, with negligible human intervention, everything goes seamless. Axis machining is not usual engineering but a work of arts done by expert hands. Just name or think of a material and we can machine it with great precision. Our machines are not only incredible but perform like workhorses. We are a well known and dependable 5-axis machining companies MI and deliver finished components that further undergoes additional processes.


We have the experience and capabilities to fulfill all of your 3 & 5 AXIS Machining needs.

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